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The majority of all crowdfunding campaigns fail

So what are the keys to crafting, managing and promoting a successful campaign?

Like most things, experience helps… and we have lots of it! Let leaders in the crowdfunding industry help bring your idea, cause or business to life!

Crowdfunding is not a “post it and forget it” proposition.  Successful campaigns take work. We can show you what you need to succeed.

Tap into the community for the support you need

Crowdfunding allows you to harness the power of your crowd – be they friends, family, neighbors, customers, co-workers, or even total strangers – to get your idea or project off the ground.  This new way of fundraising democratizes the funding process allowing all persons, even those with very little to give, to show their support and be a part of something big for a small price (and get a tangible reward in the process).

While you may not know one person who can write you a check for $5,000, you probably know, or can find, 100 people who would give you $50.00. Post your business, educational, civic or creative idea on a crowdfunding platform by crafting a strong story, creating compelling rewards for contributors (that you offer in exchange for their pledges) and promote your project online (and off!) to attract the donations you need for success.

Get educated and involved

Crowdfunding campaigns take proper preparation, implementation and promotion. The first step is choosing a crowdfunding platform that will best match your project. You will then need to craft a story, create a video, devise compelling rewards, build a strategy for finding and tapping into a network of supporters and more. What sort of messaging should your campaign have? Which social media outlets are the most effective? How should you price your rewards and how often should you promote your project to your potential backers? There are many elements that influence success.

Luckily, we can help!

Crowdfunding Academy helps you succeed

As the founders of one of the leading crowdfunding platforms, peerbackers.com, we bring our years of hands-on experience to helping your campaign succeed. We provide expert advice on how to start and promote a project, how to craft your pitch and devise the most compelling rewards, what social media & PR strategies to employ to motivate your backers to open their wallets and what to do after you’ve reached your goal .

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