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We are the founders of one of the leading crowdfunding platforms (peerbackers.com) and have helped to create, host and manage thousands of creative, civic and entrepreneurial projects from around the world. peerbackers is one of the original crowdfunding sites, and as an industry leader we helped develop the crowdfunding space and technology and are repeatedly cited sources on the topic of crowdfunding for national media outlets.

While there are available reference materials and articles on how to succeed in crowdfunding, we found that those with whom we spent personal time educating, training and providing feedback on their campaigns had much higher levels of crowdfunding success.  So we started our Academy to ensure that our clients better understand the crowdfunding ecosystem and successfully master crowdfunding techniques to attract the funding they need.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we have walked in the shoes of those seeking to fund their ideas, and our mission is to do everything in our power to support those with whom we work.

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