Your Crowdfunding Perks Need Work

I just took 5 minutes and pulled up a random sampling of projects on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. For a $50.00 backing I can get a postcard, for $25.00 a ceramic mug (for a coffee shop fundraiser – no bottomless coffee refills or discount included), … read more

Why Do Most Crowdfunding Campaigns Fail?

After working with literally thousands of campaigns on our own site and speaking with campaign owners who have used a number of other crowdfunding platforms, several commonalities have emerged as to why such a high percentage of crowdfunders (about 60%) do not meet their monetary … read more

Crowdfunding on Multiple Sites Can Hurt Your Campaign

As a founder of a popular crowdfunding site, I frequently get asked by those who submit their projects to us whether we prohibit them from posting to more than one funding platform at a time. While my answer is “no” (we do not have a … read more