Our Services

There are good places to read about how to successfully crowdfund and various webinars on the topic as well. However, there is nothing more powerful then getting practical, customized advice on your individual campaign.

Our experts can provide feedback on your project description and goal, reward offerings & pricing, video pitch, promotional plan, and more. Properly building your campaign elements & promotional strategy are the strongest determinants of crowdfunding success. Feel free to get in touch so we can explore the best way we can support your campaign.

Pick Our Brain

30 min


Best for reviewing pre-launch or exisiting campaigns for feedback.

Power Hour

1 hour


Best for campaign review and strategy, suggested resources, etc.

Speed Dial

  1. 30 days (incl. 4 hrs) $300
  2. 60 days (incl. 8 hrs) $495
  3. 90 days (incl. 12 hrs) $695

Have us on retainer throughout the preparation & promotion of your campaign.

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